Roman Harness Vs Step In Harness-Pick your best choice?

roman harness vs step in harness

Body harnesses for dogs are a great tool because it is essential for having control on your dog while walking. There are many harnesses of different styles and designs. Choosing the perfect one for your dog may not be as easy as it seems. It is always good to know why you need the harness for? You will need it at the everyday walk, maybe for hiking the mountains or maybe just want to stop your dog from pulling on the ledge.

So if you are choosing a harness for your dog, or you just want to know about dog harnesses, you have come to the right place. I am going to differentiate between the two best dog harnesses – “Roman harness vs Step in harness” and covering some questions that will help you to choose. Read on to find the best one for your dog.

What is a Roman harness?

Roman harness is also called “Y-shaped” harness. This traditional style harness takes the pressure off the neck, attaches around the chest area and is connected to a wider strap that sits on top of the shoulder blades. Roman harness is popular for security and good control. If you want your dog to look great while staying secure, roman harness is a perfect choice. It is recommended for use as a front clip harness.

Roman harness parts:

  • D-ring: is at the tail and at the top strap.
  • O-ring: at the opposite end of the D-ring with just two adjustable shoulder strap sides.
  • Sternum Strap: is on the bottom and can be adjusted. This strap will pass between the dog’s front legs.
  • Girth strap: This goes behind the front legs.

How to put on a roman dog harness?

Follow the steps showing below:

  1. Measure the front legs. Add a little extra so that the harness will fit comfortably around the dog. I recommend an additional 5-10%.
  2. Before putting the harness on your dog make the appropriate adjustment once the harness is on the dog.
  3. With the first strap unbuckled and D-ring facing towards the dog’s tail, place the dog’s head through the opening of the shoulder straps.
  4. Next lift the left front paw up and over the sternum strap which will then pass between the dog’s front legs.
  5. Put the girth strap buckle and make the appropriate adjustment to the shoulder strap and the girth strap.
  6. The harness will fit more snugly when the dog sits. Hang the leash to the D-ring and walk on.

What are the Pros And Cons Of Roman harness?

What is a step-in harness for dogs?

Step-in harness has become the most popular in recent years for good reasons. Just as its name indicates, your dog only needs to step in between two loops to get into a step-in harness. Like a Roman harness, a step-in harness does not pull on the dog’s neck. It wraps around the dog’s chest and snaps at the back area. Step-in harness is very adjustable. You have to make sure that it fits and adjusts correctly on your dog.

Step-in harness parts:

  • Two lightweight straps separated by a perpendicular “H” strap in the middle.
  • Two D-ring to clip the leash.

Step-in dog harness: how to put on?

It is easy to put on a step-in harness on your dog. Just follow the following steps:

  1. Undo the buckle and lay the harness down flat on the ground. Make sure the d-ring and the buckle are stretched out and lay flat.
  2. You should see two triangles formed by the straps and the “H” straps that runs down the center.
  3. When you are ready to put the harness on your dog, place the dog’s front legs into each of the two triangles.
  4. Then simply pick up the buckle and wrap it around to the top of the dog.
  5. Snap the buckle in place, adjust the lightens of the strap, so the harness fits snugly.
  6. When you are ready to attach the leash make sure you have both of the d-rings and snap the leash in place.

What are the Pros and Cons of Step-in harness?

Roman harness vs Step in harness: What are the Key Differences?

Roman HarnessStep In Harness
1. It prevents even the best escape from backing out.1. Just tucking its head down and quickly scrambling backward, it will be easy to back out for your dog from step in harness.
2. Roman harness can reduce pulling of your dog and any pressure on its trachea.2. It offers little effect on behavioral problems of your dog such as pulling.
3. This design is often difficult to use. Some dogs are scared and irritated of having a harness sleeve pushed over their head.3. This harness is easy to put on. You don’t need to pull a sleeve over your dog’s head.
4. This harness is the best use for clever, strong breeds of all shapes and sizes for walking, running, sports such as Canicross or bikejoring, hiking mountains as it ensures better security and endures pulling.4. This harness is the best use for small breeds, obedient and well-behaved dogs for walking or light race.
5. It has good padding with strong and soft webbing.5. It has a lot of unpadded buckles that may cause uncomfortableness for your dog.
6. It is relatively affordable.6. This modern design is relatively more expensive.
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Final Thought

Despite of all disadvantages of using harnesses, in addition to security, there is no better way to control your dog than using harnesses while walking. It is easy to get overwhelmed by the simple outer look of step-in harness. But despite being a traditional style, Roman harness sets the maximum security for your dog. I hope after reading so far you have come up with the right choice for your dog. From my personal experience and fellow dog owners’ review, Roman harness is perfect for any dog. It is also recommended by dog trainers. In conclusion, in affordable price, Roman harness will provide the best service for you and your dog.

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