Nylabone Vs Rawhide-Which is the best chew toy?

nylabone vs rawhide
nylabone vs rawhide-which is the best chew toy

Nowadays, it brings us confusion about what chew toy we should choose for our doggie. Some have gotten a good result by using nylabone, and at the same time, some have obtained well by using rawhide. Similarly, there are some negative results in the market. It happens only because of not knowing how to get the best suitable one for your lovely pet. Here we are to give you the best solution for removing your confusion.

For this, you have to be passionate while reading this article. The below article is going to take you to the right one for your doggie. Here we are comparing Nylabone vs. Rawhide, considering the product feature, chew factor, eligibility, price & other relevant information of these two products.

Nylabones as a dog chew toy:

Nylabones are designed for long-lasting issues. It has a wide shape and is infused with flavor containing zero calories. That’s why it is perfect for the doggies who are on a diet. This kind is more durable and said an alternative to rawhide bones. It is made in both textures for young puppies and for power chewers. Some varieties are naturally flavored, and some have added flavor to increase appeal in them. It makes a variety according to the size and chewing strengths.


  • Non Staining: Nylabones are non-staining. According to its making structure, it does not have any staining material. For this, it always seems new. Thus, the use of nylabones is flexible for people who want to take a durable chewing good for their puppies.
  • Readily Available: At present, Nylabones are readily available in any kind of market. For this availability, many people choose this product for their puppies. Its availability is beyond the border of a country.
  • Non-Greasy: Nylabones do not contain any grease. That’s why it is said as non-greasy. For such a matter, it does not cause any harm to your puppy’s digestive system while chewing. Thus, it’s good for the health of the puppies in hot weather countries.
  • No Calories: According to its manufacturer, Nylabones do not contain any calories inside them. For this, your puppy will not get any energy from it. If your puppy has a habit of taking extra food that is harmful to his/her health, it will help you get rid of such a problem.
  • No Odor: Nylabones contains no odor inside them. That may be a good choice for the puppies. As in many times, puppies are not interested in any typical aroma.
  • Lots of different sizes, shapes, and flavors: One of the best specifications of nylabones is its various sizes, giving the alternative decision to choose the best one for your puppy.
  • Long-Lasting: Considering the manufacturing elements of nylabones, it has been observed that they have a long-lasting capability that can lead up to months or more. It is one of the vital points to choose nylabone for many puppies.

Safety concerns of Nylabones:

  • Possibility of breaking a tooth
  • Case of choking on a small piece
  • Having some problems with indigestibility.

Rawhides as a dog chew toy:

Rawhides are made from an inner layer of cowhides. It is an attractive one for satisfying your doggie’s natural affinity. As it is testy for the puppies, that’s why they can happily chew this within a short time without any interruption. The time frame of chewing depends upon the product compression strategy.

Rawhides contain some effects like digestive irritation, high in calories, and allergic reactions according to the sensitivity of doggies. They don’t have a long-lasting ability due to their making process.


  • Available in many forms & flavors: Rawhides are available in many states in the market. You can choose it according to the taste of your puppies. Rawhides also contain various flavors, which can lead your puppy to get a different savor.
  • Have been in use for years: Rawhides have been in use for years. It is a widespread factor that people have less time after work to look after their puppies. Also, change in food habituation do not become familiar with all kinds of puppies. So, it will be a good solution for them.
  • Non-Staining: Rawhides are also not staining according to their making structure. It also seems new for a long time. Thus, it can be a sustainable product in front of your puppy.
  • Non-Greasy: It is non-greasy due to its making structure does not support it with such a condition. This specification helps you to get rid of seeking a different option for your puppy.

Safety concerns of Rawhides:

  • The problems are with chemical processing.
  • Possibility of bacterial contamination.
  • Possibility of indigestibility.

Comparison Between Nylabone VS Rawhide:

ProductsProsChewable TimeSafety ConcernsTestinessOverall RatingPrice
NylaboneNon Staining
Readily Available

No Calories
No Odor
different sizes,
shapes and flavors

1 MonthBreaking a

Choking on
a small piece

Problem of
6/107/10Check Price
RawhidesAvailable in many
forms & flavors

Have been in use
for years

2 HoursProblems are with
chemical processing

Possibility of bacterial

Possibility of
4/106/10Check Price


Considering all of the specifications, Nylabone is a bit ahead of rawhides on the basis of its chewing time estimations and testiness. Both are necessary for building the chewing habits of puppies. You should take a deep look at the total feature mentioned above and choose the best one for your lovely puppy. They both are good chew toys and have a good reputation in the market, so you can start using one of them and later compare it with one another by yourself.

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