How to Stop Dog From Chewing on Metal Crate

How to Stop Dog From Chewing on Metal Crate

Ensure that the crate is comfortable and secure for your dog. Ensure it has enough space to move around and a soft bed or blanket inside. Provide plenty of chew toys to keep them occupied; this will help prevent boredom and reduce the likelihood of destructive behavior such as chewing on metal.

If you catch your dog chewing on the crate, distract them with one of their favorite toys. Additionally, provide positive reinforcement by giving praise or treats when they do not engage in this behavior. You can also try covering sharp edges with fabric or tape if needed to make it less appealing for your pup’s teeth.

Finally, consult a veterinarian if none of these methods work – there may be underlying medical issues causing the unwanted behavior that needs attention.

  • Alternatives: Give your dog something else to chew on, like a toy or a bone.
  • This will help distract them from the metal crate and give them an acceptable outlet for their chewing needs.
  • Distract Your Dog: Whenever you notice your dog trying to chew on the metal crate, redirect their attention by offering treats or playing games with them away from the crate.
  • Call their name and ensure they are looking at you so they forget about the metal cage and focus on what you offer instead.
  • Make Crate Unattractive: Spray bitter apple onto the areas of the metal crate that your pup has been chewing on to make it taste sour and unattractive to him/her going forward.
  • Train Your Dog: Teach your pup commands such as “leave it” when they approach something they should not be touching, such as furniture or other objects around the house, including their Metal Crate, if needed! This way, when you catch them in the action of chewing, calmly tell them, “Leave it!” until they stop and reward positively afterward with a treat (treats work best!)
How to Stop Dog From Chewing on Metal Crate


What Can I Do to Stop My Dog from Chewing on the Metal Crate?

Try these tips to stop your dog from chewing on the metal crate: • Distract them with treats or toys.

  1. Use the bitter spray to discourage the behavior.
  2. Cover the outside of their crate with a blanket or towel.
  3. Ensure they get enough exercise and mental stimulation throughout the day.

By following these steps, you should be able to prevent your pup from damaging its crate further and protect it from future harm.

If Possible, Move the Metal Crate Away from Areas Where Your Pup May Be Tempted to Chew It

Moving the metal crate away from areas where your pup may be tempted to chew it is best. Here are some tips:

  • Keep the crate placed in an area that is out of reach for your dog.
  • Separate the crate and any toys so they’re not nearby.
  • Covering up or blocking access to the crate can help deter chewing.

You Could Also Try Covering Parts of the Crate in a Material That Isn’t As Appealing to Chew on

One way to stop a pet from chewing on their crate is by covering the areas they chew with an unappealing material. This could include:

  1. Covering the edges and corners of the crate in duct tape or other materials that don’t taste good;
  2. Wrapping bubble wrap around parts of the crate;
  3. Placing a plastic sheet over problem areas.

These solutions can help prevent your pet from continuing to chew on their crate while protecting them from any potential danger associated with ingesting pieces of it.

Additionally, Using Positive Reinforcement Such As Praise Can Help Discourage Chewing Behavior?

Positive reinforcement is an effective way to discourage chewing behavior. It involves rewarding desired behaviors with verbal praise, treats, or other incentives that the dog finds enjoyable.

  1. Praise the pup for not engaging in undesirable chewing behavior
  2. Ignore and distract when the puppy engages in lousy behavior
  3. Reward good behaviors with verbal praise or small treats.

By consistently using positive reinforcement techniques, puppies will soon learn which actions are appreciated and which should be avoided.

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This blog post provided helpful tips and advice on how to stop your dog from chewing on a metal crate. From setting up chew toys and providing treats to removing the temptation of the metal crate with an appropriate cover, several methods can be used to break this bad habit. With patience and consistency, you’ll soon have a well-behaved pup who will no longer be tempted by its metal crate!



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