How to Make a Dog Crate Look Like Furniture

If you have a dog, chances are you’ve considered getting a crate for them. Boxes are great for giving your dog their own space, and they can be very useful when traveling or during vet visits. However, crates can be unsightly and take up a lot of space in your home.

Here are some tips if you’re looking for a way to make your dog’s crate look like furniture.

  • Choose a dog crate that is the right size for your dog and will fit in your available space.
  • Place the dog crate in the room where it will be used most often
  • If desired, cover the dog crate with a cloth or blanket to make it more aesthetically pleasing
  • Add some toys or other items to make the box more comfortable and inviting for your dog
How to Make a Dog Crate Look Like Furniture


How Can I Make My Dog Crate More Attractive?

If you’re looking to make your dog crate more attractive, you can do a few things. First, consider the color of the box. Try painting it or adding stickers to liven it up if it’s a dull color.

You can also add a cozy bed or blanket inside the crate to make it more inviting. Finally, try placing the box in a location not too far from where people congregate so your dog doesn’t feel isolated. With these tips, you should be able to make your dog crate into a stylish and welcoming space for your furry friend.

How Do You Make Dog Cage Furniture?

Assuming you want tips on how to make your dog’s cage more comfortable and stylish: 1. Add a cozy bed or mattress. This will provide a comfortable place for your pup to sleep and relax.

You can find beds specifically designed for dog cages, or use an old pillow or folded blanket. Just be sure the bedding is washable in case of accidents. 2. Include some toys.

Dogs love to play, so add a few of their favorite toys to the cage. Rotate them out occasionally so they don’t get bored. Puzzle toys are also great for keeping dogs entertained and mentally stimulated while confined.

3. Put up some pictures or artwork. Adding personalization to your pet’s space will make it feel like home. Choose images that make you both happy and remind you of good times together.

4. Install a water bottle holder inside the cage if possible. This way, your furry friend always has access to fresh water, even if you’re not around, to fill up his bowl regularly. Be sure to clean and refill the bottle regularly as well!

How Do You Make a Dog Crate into a Table?

A dog crate can make a great end table or nightstand. Choosing the right size crate for your dog and your home is important. A small or medium-sized bin will work well as an end table, while a large box may be too bulky.

To turn a dog crate into an end table, first, measure the height of your sofa or bed. You’ll want to ensure the box is tall enough so your dog can’t see over the edge and escape. Next, choose a location for the crate and mark where you’ll need to cut holes for the legs.

Once you’ve cut the holes, screw in some furniture legs (about 4 inches tall) to give the crate extra support. Finally, add a piece of glass or plexiglass to the top of the box to create a smooth surface.

How Do You Disguise a Dog Kennel?

A dog kennel can be disguised in several ways, depending on the intended use. If the kennel is used outdoors, it can be camouflaged with foliage or painted to blend in with its surroundings. For indoor use, a kennel can be hidden behind a piece of furniture or placed in an out-of-the-way corner.

If the kennel is to be used for show dogs, it can be decorated with items that complement the dog’s breed or coat color.

How to Build A Dog Kennel / Crate / Cage [ Indoor Furniture ]

Diy Dog Crate Table Topper

A dog crate table topper is a great way to keep your pup comfortable and stylish. Here’s how to make your own. You’ll need:

-1/2 yard of sturdy fabric (denim or canvas work well) -Scissors -Sewing machine and thread

-Pins -Iron and ironing board -Tape measure or ruler

Instructions: 1. Cut your fabric to size. You’ll want it to be large enough to drape over the sides and front of the crate, with a few inches extra on each side.

2. Hem the edges of the fabric by folding over 1/2 inch of fabric and sewing it in place with a straight stitch. Alternatively, you can use bias tape or other trim around the edges for a finished look. 3. Pin the fabric in place on the crate, starting at one corner and working your way around.

Be sure to pull the fabric taut, so there are no wrinkles or sagging areas. 4. Sew the fabric using a straight stitch or decorative stitch of your choice. Go slowly and take care not to sew through any plastic parts of the crate – stick to sewing along the metal bars.

5 Your dog crate table topper is now complete!

Dog Crate Furniture

A dog crate is a great way to keep your furry friend safe and out of trouble when you’re away from home. But why should your dog’s crate be an eyesore in your home? Dog crate furniture provides a stylish and functional way to keep your pet’s crate looking good while providing a comfortable place to sleep and relax.

Here are some things to consider when choosing dog crate furniture: Size – Make sure to measure your dog and choose a crate that will comfortably fit them. You don’t want them to be cramped up in a small space!

Style – There are all sorts of different types of dog crates on the market, so take some time to browse and find one that will match the aesthetic of your home. Functionality – If you are using the crate for travel, make sure it’s easy to disassemble and reassemble. And if you have multiple dogs, look for a style that allows easy separation.

Dog Crate Furniture Kit

If you want your dog to have its special place in your home that is both comfortable and stylish, then you need a dog crate furniture kit. This kit usually includes a sturdy crate, a comfy mattress or cushion, and some nice-looking paneling to finish the look. The great thing about using a furniture kit for your dog crate is that it allows you to customize the space to match your home’s décor.

Plus, it gives your pup a cozy spot that they can retreat to when they want some alone time. Here are a few things to keep in mind when shopping for a dog crate furniture kit: 1. Make sure to measure your dog and choose a crate size that will be comfortable for them.

You don’t want them to feel cramped up inside. 2. Think about what style best fits your home’s décor. Many options are available, so take your time browsing until you find something you love.

3. Consider getting two panels instead of four if you want the option to open up one side of the crate so your dog can come and go as they please. This can be helpful if you have an especially social pup who likes being near their humans all the time!

Dog Crate Topper

A dog crate topper is a great way to add extra space and comfort to your dog’s crate. A topper typically adds 6-12 inches to the box, giving your dog more room to move around and stretch out. Many crate toppers also feature storage shelves or drawers, perfect for holding treats, toys, leashes, and other pet essentials.

If you’re looking for a way to make your dog’s crate more comfortable and functional, a crate topper is a great option!


If you have a dog, you also have a dog crate. But just because it’s functional doesn’t mean it can’t also be stylish! There are many ways to make your dog crate look like furniture, and today we’re going to share some of our favorites.

One easy way to make your dog crate look like furniture is to cover it with a tablecloth or throw blanket simply. This will instantly transform the look of the box and make it blend in with your other furniture. You can even get creative and use different fabric patterns or colors to make it stand out.

Another way to style your dog crate is by adding some decorative elements. This could include anything from plants and flowers to pictures and wall art. Get creative and personalize the space however you want!

Finally, one of the best ways to make your dog crate look like furniture is by placing it in a room that gets used often. For example, if you have a living room with a fireplace, put the crate in front of the fireplace, so it becomes part of the overall design aesthetic. Or, if you have an empty corner in your bedroom, use that as the perfect spot for the crate.

You’ll help it blend in with everything else by putting it in a high-traffic area.



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