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How to bathe your dog

How to bathe your dog

Sometimes a well-wisher asks you questions, How to bathe your dog? You can not say anything in reply to it, maybe it is due to your fear. Because you have never tried bathing your dog. Maybe you tried but tried to forget it because of the bad experience. To overcome your fears and to share the good experience, I will try to show how dogs are bathed in the right way.

Here are our hints on how to wash a dog that will make it a satisfying experience for both you and your puppy.

Where Do You Washing Your Dog

Small dog owners enjoy some advantages because they use a sink or laundry tub to wash their pup. In this case, the owners of large breed dogs have to face problems. They can not use sinks; they need a dog bathtub to bathe a dog. In this case, portable dog bathtubs can be a good option for them. Some baths are made of thick plastic; others are collapsible which you can use outside or in the washing room. If you have enough space to place a bathtub, you can purchase a giant doggie tub. If you don’t want to buy, you can rent a bathtub from the nearby grooming or Pet Supplies Store.

Everyone wants to have his favorite dog bathing like a professional, that’s why you need a quality bathtub. We published a review article entitled “The Best Dog Bathtubs.” to help you decide on buying the best tub on the market.

Some breed of dogs prefers to take a bath outside of the house. In this case, the garden can be a suitable place. A portable bathtub and garden hose make an outstanding experience.

How To Bathe Your Dog

When you prepared to dog bathing, you should follow some steps with or without your dog’s cooperation. We’ve done these steps in three parts:

  • Pre Bathing
  • In Bathing
  • Post Bathing

Pre Bathing

Pre bathing of a dog means, Prepare the dog for bathing. In this step, the dog will prepare mentally for bathing. I’m trying to point out some task in this bathing section.

  • Power cooperation: First thing that you wish to complete, as does work for nearly anything that you present into your puppy, will always be to tie your tub into something favorable. To put it differently, offer snacks, toys, and attachment to receive your pet to arrive at the bathroom, and whenever that they act in a means that is helpful during holiday time. You shouldn’t be scared to replicate activities until they genuinely appear to receive it. As an instance, for those who own your dog tub or perhaps even a particular region in which you wash your pet, then make them come quickly for you and provide a deal each time that they comply until they come without a cure. Start with getting them accustomed to jumping to an empty bathtub and only spending some time while you provide them with snacks or toys, and work your way upward to adding heat (not hot) water.
  • Brush your dog before a bath: Matted hair keeps water, which makes your furry friend with skin that is irritated. (In case you can not cut or brush out the mats your self, take your pet into an expert groomer.) Set a cotton ball in each ear to maintain out water; it aids in preventing ear infections and distress.
  • Use lukewarm water: Dog skin differs from ours, and hot water may burn off up dogs easily. Toilet water shouldn’t be thicker than that which you’d run to get an individual baby. Maintain it cooler to get large-breed dogs, that are able to very quickly suck.
  • Talk to your pet: Many dogs will gradually learn you are not torturing them although the others are going to continue to cover under the dining room table once you obtain a towel out.

In Bathing

  • Protect the ears: You wish to be quite careful never to put water in your pet’s ears throughout your tub. Not only could it be embarrassing for these, but it’s something which could cause health issues. If your furry friend will permit you to do it, then cloth cotton balls to his ears. if not simply do what you can in order to refrain from spraying water.
  • Use dog shampoo: One way to produce a bath more unpleasant for your furry friend is to pick a shampoo that induces them to scratch or dries their skin out. Ideally you would like a mild soap that cleans and removes unwanted odors without burning off important oils. The best way to ensure you will get the right shampoo for your puppy? Talk to your vet.
  • Rinse well: Any soap in her fur may irritate your pet’s skin once she is dry. Rinse, wash, and repeat the wash.
  • Work from the neck down: You don’t just wish to maintain your puppy’s ears also her mouth and eyes. How would you do so? By washing against down the throat. You may make this happen using a cup or bucket to wet your own dog or with a sprayer. You may also find sprayers specifically created for bathing your pet dog. Therefore what exactly do you do to clean your puppy’s face? Work with a damp washcloth.

Post Bathing

  • Air-dry: Hot air from a human blow dryer is too harmful to dog skin. Either ride-on or use a blow-dryer developed for dogs; its own lower temperatures won’t cause dandruff or itching.
  • Reward your dog: Followup having abundant praise, petting play with. Manya moist dog enjoys to vent her frustration within bath time by playing extravagant tug of war with the tub towel or just running away with it–when it is throughout.

Bathing With The Professionals

If your pet gets fur rather than baldness, groomers are helpful if a puppy profoundly accomplishes bathrooms. They have plenty of bemused methods in making even the maximum bath-averse puppy behave.

Unlike fur/hair will not shed, plus it’ll continue growing until it has trimmed — like yours. In case the notion of wrestling your furry friend into a tub and expecting to endure getting lathered and rinsed softly causes you to laugh, then do precisely what lots of select for merely take your pet to someone who leaves bathing dogs your private own small enterprise. Groomers will hardly bathe your pet, however, they’ll clip her claws, say anal sacs (upon request), cut close to the eyes, and then shut off her. All are priced pretty.


Bathing helps to keep your pet’s coat and skin healthy, clean, and free from fleas. Many dogs need more ordinary bathrooms compared to many others, based upon their own jacket and also how fast they get filthy.

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Written by Beatrix Nanai

Beatrix Nanai was born in Budapest, Hungary. She graduated from the University of Veterinary Sciences, Hungary in 1998. There she completed a surgical internship. After 2001 she relocated to the USA and after passing ECFVG for foreign graduates, She completed a surgical externship at South Carolina Surgical Referral Services. In 2014 she obtained her second specialty board certification and became a Diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Surgeons. Has several peer-reviewed publications and written articles for The Pet Grooming.


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