Can You Put Two Dog Crates Next to Each Other

Can You Put Two Dog Crates Next to Each Other

Yes, putting two dog crates next to each other is possible. Doing so can be a great way to provide extra stability and comfort for your pet while they are in their crate. Depending on the size of the crates, there may need to be additional space between them so that both dogs have enough room.

If you intend to put two large crates side-by-side, ensure sufficient distance between them to prevent any potential safety hazards or discomfort for either animal. Additionally, if one of the dogs tends to get anxious when placed in a crate alone, putting two adjacent crates could help reduce this anxiety and encourage socialization with another canine companion.

  • Measure the space you plan to place the dog crates: Before attempting to put two dog crates next to each other, measure the area where you want them placed.
  • Ensure that your measurements will give enough room for both crates and still leave some extra space between them.
  • Place one crate in its desired location: After measuring out an appropriate area, place one crate in its desired location and make sure it is secure and level on all sides.
  • Position a second crate adjacent to the first: Once you have securely positioned one dog crate, place a second crate adjacent to it so that there is a minimal gap between the two cages when finished setting them up side by side.
  • If needed, use shims under each leg or corner of one or both cages until they are even with each other while maintaining stability on either side of their connection point(s)
  • Securely fasten the two together: Depending on how large your two crates are, there may be a need for additional support so that they remain stable when set up next to each other; this can be done using small brackets or straps, which will help keep both cages connected once properly secured using screws or bolts as needed.
  • It is essential not only for the safety but also for the comfortability of your pet/pets that these additional supports are used if necessary when joining two separate cages together as part of this setup process.

Putting Together Two Puppy Crates

Can You Put Two Dog Crates Next to Each Other


Can I Put Two Dog Crates Next to Each Other?

Yes, you can put two dog crates next to each other. Here are a few things to consider:

  • The size of your dogs – Make sure the crate is large enough for them to stand up and turn around comfortably.
  • Airflow – Ensure sufficient air circulation between the two crates so they don’t become stuffy or too warm.
  • Comfort level – Placing the side of the crate by the side might make some dogs feel confined and uncomfortable, consider placing them in separate rooms if that’s an issue for your pup.

Yes, You Can Place Two Dog Crates Side by Side As Long As They Are Compatible And of the Same Size?

Yes, two dog crates can be placed side by side. It is essential to ensure they are compatible and of the same size:

  1. Check that both crates are made from the same material.
  2. Ensure each crate has a secure latch system suitable for your pet’s size and strength.
  3. Both crates should have solid bases with no gaps or holes large enough for your pet to fit through.

Placing two dog crates together will give your pup more space, allowing them to move freely between the two compartments while providing more stimulation than a single crate would offer!

Make Sure to Leave Enough Space between Them So Your Pup Has Plenty of Room to Move around in Either Crate

Allow plenty of space in your pup’s crate. This will ensure they have room to move around, stretch and lie down comfortably. Here are some tips for spacing:

  1. Measure the length and width of the most significant two sides of your pup’s body when sleeping, then add 6 inches to each dimension.
  2. Place a bed or mat inside that allows your dog to stretch out fully without reaching the edges of the crate.
  3. Make sure there is enough headroom for them to sit with their ears upright when standing inside the crate.

Is It Safe for My Dogs to Share a Crate

It is generally safe for dogs to share a crate, provided they get along. Some important things to consider when having multiple canines in the same space are:

  1. Ensuring both pets have enough room inside the crate;
  2. Keeping an eye on their interactions and removing any items they might fight over;
  3. Scheduling regular breaks outside of the kennel.

When appropriately done, sharing a crate can be beneficial as it encourages companionship between your furry friends.

It is generally not recommended that dogs share a single crate. This is due to safety concerns such as:

  1. Fighting between dogs
  2. Competition over resources within the confined space Crating two dogs together can lead to aggression, stress, and injury
  3. so it’s best to separate them for their well-being.

If You Do Decide to Have More Than One Pup in a Crate, Make Sure They are Both Comfortable With Being Together And Have Been Properly Trained Beforehand on How to Behave When Sharing an Enclosed Area

Having more than one pup in a crate is an option, but it should only be done if both dogs are comfortable with each other. It’s essential to ensure the pups have been trained adequately before crating them together:

  1. Let the puppies get used to being around each other in a supervised setting first.
  2. Train each pup to behave when sharing space, including teaching basic commands like “sit” and “stay.”
  3. Give individual attention and time to play together to become familiar with one another.

Following these steps can help create a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone involved!

What's the Ideal Distance between Two Pet Crates

The ideal distance between two pet crates should be wide enough for the animals to move around freely and interact with each other but not so close that it causes unnecessary stress. Here are some tips:

  1. Give them enough space to turn around in their area without bumping into one another.
  2. Keep at least 6 feet apart when placing multiple crates in a room.
  3. Ensure at least 4-5 feet are between adjacent cages or kennels.

This will allow your pets the ample space they need while still allowing them to interact with each other safely and comfortably.


In conclusion, two dog crates can be placed next to each other as long as they are the same size and type of crate. This is an excellent solution for owners who want to create a comfortable living space for their pets without taking up too much room in their homes. Additionally, double dog crates give dogs more freedom and comfort when sleeping or relaxing together, which makes them an excellent choice for owners of multiple pets.



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