Why is my dog shaking after eating? Read These 6 Reasons!

why is my dog shaking after eating

Today I will discuss why is my dog shaking after eating? Shaking may be normal for some dogs. Vibrating sigs can be caused by cold temperatures, nausea, or agitation. In some cases, the dog’s trembling may be a clear sign of his illness, such as canine distemper.

However, if you notice that your dog is shivering after eating, it is really necessary to differentiate the reason behind it. This is even more of a concern for the dog’s health if he has shivering in his new behavior and this new behavior makes you wonder why my dog is shaking and acting on the wire?

I would like to mention that no matter what you suspect for the cause of shivering, it is always advisable to get a second opinion from your doctor. It is better to consult a professional than to jump to your own decisions.

Here are few common reasons for your shaking and acting wired after eating:

1. Nausea or Toxic Ingestion

Dogs may show signs of nausea and vomiting after eating. Sensitivity can cause shivering and cause pain in their stomach if food is not digested properly.

If you believe your dog is working too hard, you can try to reduce the size of their food, but be careful not to shake it. Be careful not to eat anything toxic, such as nickel. Whether it’s a poisonous plant or a chemical household product, it can cause the dog to tremble.

2. Cold Temperatures

  • Dogs are very delicate, and their frames will respond to bloodless temperatures with tremors and tremors. Dogs and puppies can no longer achieve their broad frame temperature until they are a few weeks old. For this reason, it is normal for them to tremble as they get older.
  • The act of digestion alters the frame temperature is well-known and might reason your puppy to shake slightly. Shivering is a mechanism they use to heat themselves as much as motion we as human beings are pretty acquainted with. To keep away from the bloodless shakes, ensure your dog’s not unusual to place regions and feeding vicinity are heat, dry, cushy places.
  • Additionally, ensure the water you’re filling up your pup’s consuming bowl with is room temperature and now no longer bloodless. If your pup is below 4 to 5 weeks old, they’ll want a warmth supply to maintain them heat and relaxed Provide your pup with an outside heating supply(s), whether or not it’s a warm water bottle, heating pad, or a warmth lamp. This will assist with maintaining their frame temperature up and maintaining them cushy.
  • Some smaller breeds of puppies are predisposed to GTS which’s a situation that entails well-known trembling and shaking of the pinnacle and frame. The situation has additionally been dubbed Little White Shaker Syndrome due to its incidence in smaller white puppies like Poodles, Maltese, and West Highland White Terriers. However, any breed is vulnerable to the situation- especially if their frame weight is under 30 pounds.
  • GTS is dealt with using steroids. Prednisone for instance will suppress your pup’s immune system, clearing up the tremors in rely of most effective weeks on upon. Once the situation has subsided, your vet will slowly taper your dog’s dosage. If prednisone isn’t effective, different tablets like mycophenolate, leflunomide, Cytoses might be considered. The genuine reason for GTS stays unknown. Several ideated theories had been positioned forward, however not anything has been validated through clinical trying out and research.

3. Distemper

Shaking is not a very common symptom after eating in puppies nowadays. It can be caught as a virus that affects dogs and other wildlife.

A dog can contract it by coming in contact with infected species. The study suggests that all breeds of dogs are susceptible to this virus. Puppies below four months are a vulnerable group and it is advised to vaccinate the puppy for canine distemper.

4. Fear, Anxiety, Or Excitement

I know you’re worried about why your dog is shaking. Suppose you are associating shivering with a specific situation (possibly a veterinary journey). You see your puppy tremble on every occasion when you go to the vet. In this precise scenario, it is quite effective that your dog is feeling the strain and associating a group with the veterinarian with that horrible feeling.

Similarly, if a shiver occurs at the same time as eating, it can be very exciting, or perhaps it is anxiety, tension, or arousal in the first class.

5. Shaking and trembling is a common symptom of canine distemper

Other signs can include:

  • Discharge from eyes and/or nose
  • Excessive coughing
  • Lethargic mood
  • Loss of appetite
  • Vomiting &
  • Fever

There isn’t a concrete treatment for this doubtlessly deadly virus. Your vet will attention to controlling the signs (i.e., suppressing vomiting, diarrhea) and making sure that your domestic dog is staying hydrated through consuming lots of water.

To dispose of the hazard of your canine choosing up dog distemper, prevention is vital. Vaccinate your domestic dog at a younger age to assist increase immunity to the virus.

6. Ear Problems

All canine breeds can get ear infections. Owners of breeds that might be greater susceptible to ear infections, however, such as Cocker Spaniels, Basset Hounds, Labrador Retrievers, and Golden Retrievers, have to be careful with immoderate head shaking. If your canine had the latest tub or has been swimming and is shaking his head, it’s pretty viable that he’s laid low with an ear infection.

Owners have to constantly dry their dogs’ ears very well in the event that they’ve been in the water. Dogs with angry or inflamed ears frequently shake their heads to offer transient relief. This shaking can cause greater problems, as for instance an ear hematoma.

If your canine is shaking his head greater than normal, name your veterinarian and lightly take a peek at your dog companion’s ears to peer in the event that they seem red, inflamed, or dirty.


Finally, I found out why is my dog shaking after eating? There may be several feasible reasons at the back of a domestic dog shaking after ingesting a meal. They can vary from ordinary and benign, including exhilaration or bloodless temperatures, to extra alarming motives of toxicity and ailments like Generalized Tremor Syndrome or dog distemper.

Try to ensure which you aren’t giving the domestic dog an excessive amount of meals at once, as its growing belly might not but be capable of managing this sort of burden. Also make certain that the canine’s meals, water, and surroundings are at a cushy temperature.

If you’ve got removed the less complicated opportunities and the conduct nevertheless exists, it can be time to pay a go to the vet for an extra thorough examination. Puppies may be very sensitive creatures (as maximum infants are!) and an educated expert might be capable of deciding whether or not there’s an extra severe difficulty handy that desires to be resolved.

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