Why Does My Dog Pee On Himself ? 5 Possible Reasons

why does my dog pee on himself

Dogs often pee on themselves because they are not able to control their bladder. Many dog owners are familiar with their pet peeing on furniture or other places they are not supposed to. However, there can be other reasons why a dog might urine on themselves. One common reason is that the dog is feeling anxious or stressed, and may unconsciously mark where they feel unsafe or uncomfortable.

In addition, some dogs may suffer from a condition called interstitial cystitis (IC), which is characterized by chronic pain in the bladder and often includes urinary urgency and frequency. When IC is left untreated, it can lead to bladder cancer.

Reasons for dog peeing on himself

There are many reasons why a dog might start wetting himself, including age, health problems, and anxiety.


Dogs are known for their loyalty and love, but what many people don’t know is that anxiety can also cause dogs to pee on themselves. This problem can occur in any breed of dog, but it is most common in breeds such as bulldogs, golden retrievers and labradors.

Anxiety may lead to a dog feeling overwhelmed or stressed, which can cause them to urinate or defecate where they aren’t supposed to. If you notice your dog having accidents frequently, it might be a good idea to take them to see a vet for an examination and possible treatment.

Territory Marking:

Dogs mark their territory by peeing on objects or themselves. Some dogs do this as a way to communicate their presence to other dogs, while others do it simply because they enjoy the smell of their own urine. For some owners, this behavior can be annoying.

Territory marking can also lead to separation anxiety in dogs if they are not properly trained to avoid peeing in particular locations. Proper training and management can help prevent this problem from occurring.


A new study has found that dogs peeing on themselves when they’re excited is a common behavior. The behavior typically happens in moments of high arousal, such as when the dog is being petted or when it smells something it’s interested in.

Submissive Urination:

People who own dogs often assume that their pets are obedient and always do what they’re told. However, some dog owners have discovered that their dog may be “submissive” and urinate on command.

This behavior is usually exhibited when the dog is feeling insecure or when it feels like it’s being mistreated by its owner. While this type of urination isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it can be embarrassing for the dog and cause problems in terms of house training.

Medical Reasons:

There are many medical reasons why a dog may pee on himself. Some dogs suffer from an intestinal disorder that causes them to drink a lot of water and then pass it in their feces, which can result in wetting themselves.

Other dogs may have a problem with their bladder or urethra, which means they can’t control when they go to the bathroom. If a dog is constantly wetting himself, he may develop urinary tract infections or even kidney disease.

In some cases, a dog might just be acting out because he feels stressed or anxious. If you notice your dog peeing on himself more often than usual, it’s important to consult your veterinarian for an evaluation.

There are also many passive causes of dog peeing on themselves. Some of the most common are:

  • Excitement or fear can cause a dog to pee where they don’t normally, such as in their own mouth or on their chest.
  • Dogs that are kept in kennels or cages all day may become anxious and start urinating where they’re not supposed to.
  • Stress from new surroundings, changes in family dynamics, or other traumatic events can cause dogs to pee where they don’t usually.
  • If a dog has an incorrect diet or is not getting the proper amount of exercise, this can also lead to them peeing where they don’t usually.
  • Dog breeds that are known for being excitable or overly-eager may also be more likely to soil themselves unintentionally.

How to stop dog from peeing on himself ?

Dog peeing on himself can be a frustrating problem for both owners and dogs alike. Here are some tips to help you prevent your dog from peeing on himself:

  • Be sure to establish clear boundaries with your dog when it comes to toileting. Make sure he knows when and where he needs to go, and be consistent in enforcing these rules. If he consistently misbehaves when it comes to going outside, potty training may not be the best solution.
  • Proper diet and exercise also help prevent this problem, as dogs that are kept busy and have plenty of exercise will not have the opportunity to relieve themselves. This will help him stay occupied and out of trouble.
  • Consider purchasing a pet gate so that he can’t access areas outside of his designated territory.
  • Finally, if all else fails and your dog continues to pee on himself, consult with a vet and check if he has any medical issue.

Treatment of dog peeing on himself

Dogs are known for their fun loving nature, but sometimes this fun can turn into trouble. One such issue is when dogs start peeing on themselves. There are a few things that can be done to treat this problem, and it all depends on the severity of the peeing behavior.

If the dog is just marking territory or relieving himself, then some simple training might be all that is necessary. However, if the dog is spraying urine in any direction other than down, then he may need to see a vet for a check-up and treatment.

In addition to a physical examination, the vet may order tests for medical problems. For example, if your dog is older or has health issues, he might need blood tests to check for bladder infection, kidney damage and other problems.

Regardless of the treatment plan chosen, it’s important to remember that dogs are animals and they will sometimes do what they feel like doing rather than following directions.


In most cases, dogs will eventually learn to control their bladder and stop wetting themselves. There are many possible explanations for why your dog may pee on himself. Some of the most common reasons include: excitement, marking territory, relieving oneself in unusual places, being uncomfortable, and feeling frightened.

If you’re not sure what’s causing your pet to go pee on himself, it’s always best to take him to a veterinarian for a diagnosis and treatment plan.

People also ask:

Why does my dog pee when she sees a certain person?

Dogs peeing when they see a certain person is a common occurrence.
Reasons why dogs may do this:

1. One reason could be that the dog is trying to tell its owner that it does not like that person.

2. Another reason could be that the dog is feeling anxious or scared around that person.

3. Dogs may also pee out of excitement when they see someone they love.

Written by Beatrix Nanai

Beatrix Nanai was born in Budapest, Hungary. She graduated from the University of Veterinary Sciences, Hungary in 1998. There she completed a surgical internship. After 2001 she relocated to the USA and after passing ECFVG for foreign graduates, She completed a surgical externship at South Carolina Surgical Referral Services. In 2014 she obtained her second specialty board certification and became a Diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Surgeons. Has several peer-reviewed publications and written articles for The Pet Grooming.

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