10 Most Common Birds In The World

The Most Common Bird In The World

The Most Common birds are found almost anywhere there is birdlife in the world. They are found in all parts of the world and range from the tiniest hummingbird to the giant eagle. Here are the top 10 most common birds:10 Most Common Birds that will blow your eyes, 2nd one is the best!!!

The Most Common Birds In The World

One of the most common birds in the world is the sparrow. Sparrows can be found in many different parts of the world, and they are effortless to identify because of their small size and brown feathers. Sparrows are omnivores, which means that they eat both plants and animals. They typically eat seeds, insects, and other small creatures. Sparrows are very social birds, and they often travel in large flocks.


#1: House Sparrows

House Sparrows are small, brown birds that are found worldwide. There are many different species of sparrow, and they can be found in a variety of habitats, from forests to cities. Sparrows are omnivorous and eat both seeds and insects. They are widespread birds and can often be seen in large flocks.

Red Robin

#2: Robins

One of the most delightful sights in nature is a robin perched on a tree branch, singing its heart out. Robins are one of the earliest signs of spring. They are easily identified by their telltale orange bill and black eye stripe. Robins are omnivorous, feeding on insects, fruits, and seeds. Robins are noted for their cheerful song, which they sing year-round. They mate for life and typically raise two or three broods each year.

Blue Jay

#3: Blue Jays

The blue jay is a medium-sized bird that is found in North America. They are known for their bright blue feathers and loud calls. Blue jays are omnivorous and eat various things, including insects, nuts, and seeds. They are also known for being aggressive birds and will attack other animals, including other birds.

Red Cardinal

#4: Cardinals

When most people think of the Cardinals, they think of the bright red birds common in North America. These birds are members of the family Fringillidae, and there are many different species of cardinals. The most well-known type of cardinal is the Northern Cardinal, which is found in southern Canada and the eastern United States. These birds are usually about 8 inches long and have a bright red head, breast, and tail.

Cardinals are known for their song, a series of whistled notes that hear long-distance. They are also known for their diet, which consists mainly of seeds. Cardinals will eat insects and other small animals when they can find them, but seeds make up most of their diet.


#5: Ducks

Ducks are a bird that is found all over the world. There are many different types of ducks, and they can be found in many different habitats. Ducks are omnivorous, and they eat various things, including insects, plants, and small fish. They are also known for their ability to swim and dive. Ducks live in colonies, and they can be very social birds.

Canadian Geese

#6: Canadian Geese

Canadian Geese are a common sight in North America. These birds can be found in many different habitats, from open fields to urban areas. They are easily recognizable by their blackhead and white neck and chest. Canadian Geese are migratory birds and travel long distances each year; They spend the winter in the southern United States, Mexico, Canada, and Alaska.


#7: Crows

Crows are one of the most widespread birds in the world. There are over 120 crows, ravens, and rooks, and they can be found on every continent except Antarctica. Crows are omnivorous, feeding on various foods, including insects, seeds, fruit, carrion, and small animals. They are also known to scavenge for food around human settlements. Crows are considered intelligent birds and have been observed using rocks to break open eggs or shells. They are also known for their intelligence in forming social groups called “mobs,” They cooperate to defend their territory or steal food from other animals.


#8: Starlings

Starlings are a small, hardy bird that is common in North America. They are well known for their aerial acrobatics and ability to form large flocks. Starlings eat insects and seeds, and they can be found in various habitats, including forests, fields, and cities. Starlings are social birds that live in large colonies and often roost together at night.

Grey Jay

#9: Jays

The jay is a common bird found in many parts of the world. There are several different species of jays, all of which are relatively large birds with blue or blue-green feathers. Jays are omnivorous and eat various things, including insects, nuts, seeds, and fruit. They are also known for being brilliant birds and can solve complex problems.

American Goldfinch

#10: American Goldfinch

The American Goldfinch is a small songbird common in the eastern half of the United States; These birds are easily recognized by their bright yellow feathers and black cap. The American Goldfinch feeds on various seeds, including those from thistle plants. They are also known to eat insects during the summer months. American Goldfinches typically form monogamous pairs and remain together for the breeding season. After mating, the female builds a cup-shaped nest out of grasses and lays 4 to 6 eggs. The male helps incubate the eggs and care for the young once hatched.

Most Common Birds In The World

In conclusion, the most common bird in the world is the house sparrow. They can be found everywhere, from cities to rural areas, and are common in backyards. Although they may not be the prettiest of birds, they are interesting to watch and are a valuable part of the ecosystem. If you’re looking for a bird you can see anywhere; the house sparrow is your best bet!

Written by Beatrix Nanai

Beatrix Nanai was born in Budapest, Hungary. She graduated from the University of Veterinary Sciences, Hungary in 1998. There she completed a surgical internship. After 2001 she relocated to the USA and after passing ECFVG for foreign graduates, She completed a surgical externship at South Carolina Surgical Referral Services. In 2014 she obtained her second specialty board certification and became a Diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Surgeons. Has several peer-reviewed publications and written articles for The Pet Grooming.


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