How To Deal With Puppy Mad Half Hour Biting?

New puppy owners must have undoubtedly faced the ordeal of puppy mad half hour biting or puppy zoomies. It is rather hard to deal with it but manageable with enough information about it. Unfortunately, it is also very typical for puppies to go through this phase. That’s why we must fully understand why that happens and what we can do to make it easier.

What are puppy zoomies?

“My puppy gets aggressive at night.” If that line resonates with any puppy owner well, that may be because of :

Puppy zoomies, otherwise known as Frenetic Random Activity Periods (FRAPs), are energy explosions. That is what makes puppies act crazy and bite. It is normal and natural in dogs and puppies. They grow out of it while reaching a certain age. But they can be painful for us owners.

Puppy zoomies are natural and common in puppies. Of course, it depends on the puppies themselves, but typically between 5 pm and 8 pm. Meanwhile, some can go through it in the early morning.

Puppies going through the ” biting phase” will try to bite or engage in mounting behavior, which can be hard to manage. They might even end up hurting us owners or other pets present around them or rarely themselves.

At what age do puppy crazies stop?

Puppy crazies or puppy zoomies usually start to appear 2-3 weeks after birth, and it becomes the worst at six weeks. From 6-9 months, the puppy crazies stop as the puppy is maturing. So the puppy calms down.
But that depends, and in some cases, the crazies may last longer. After all, every puppy is different and develops differently.

How to handle puppy mad half hour biting?

When puppies go crazy in the evening or the early morning, the FRAP is to blame. Here are some tips and tricks to handle or manage our furry friends:

  • Engage the puppies in different activities. We can play with our puppies with toys or with a ball. Or whatever will keep them occupied.
  • Take them out for a walk. In that way, they will be able to let out their energy significantly and have fun.
  • Baby gates (also known as dog gates) work great too. They will keep the puppies at bay and away from the clutch of harm as our furry friends will stay confined in a particular and cozy space.
  • Food stuffed toys, otherwise known as food dispensing toys, work wonders with puppies. It will also keep us owners safe from getting nipped by the puppies, which they tend to do a lot during the evening.
  • A playmate puppy will also make handling more accessible, and our puppies will have fun in the meantime too. Finding playmates for our puppies should be easy, and there are usually puppies in abundance in any area.

Why does my puppy go crazy and bite me?

The most common reason for it is because of the evening and puppy zoomies or puppy crazies. It is innate in puppies, or it can be that the puppy wants attention from us – their owners and playmates. Puppies also nip or bite other puppies as a sign that they want to play. So all they might want is to play with us.

Other times puppies bite to show frustration or discomfort. For example, they show they do not like a specific activity, such as getting patted in a particular place. They might also nip us while visiting the vet as some puppies find that unpleasant.

To avoid it, we can preoccupy the puppies with toys or stop an action we think might cause them to bite us. Using a neutral voice to let them know biting hurts also works. But in a tone that is not harsh, as speaking offensively will scare them. Or take them to a veterinarian to see if something else might be the cause of this.

Should I yell at my puppy for biting?

No. That will scare the puppy. We should not yell at our puppies as that will cause so many other problems. They will be scared of us and avoid our touch. If we realize that our puppies are going to bite us, engaging them with toys will help.

Or use a normal tone and say “oops” to let the puppy know it hurts. The puppy will most likely stop. Puppies and dogs are very good at understanding body language.

Other ways to stop the puppies from biting is, using a minor “punishment” such as “time-out.” That is not something big. We could stand between our puppies and their playmates or baby gates for a minute or less. That will make them realize that nipping may come with a consequence. Leaving the puppy alone for some time could also help.

Mouthing/Biting/Nipping and aggressive behavior might also be an indication of something else. Sometimes these behaviors then mean that the puppies may suffer from :

  • Anxiety
  • Protection Aggression
  • Vision loss
  • Cognitive dysfunction
  • Specific medication may be to blame
  • Serotonin

If any of these reasons seem to be likely, a check-up with a professional will be best for your puppy.

Bottom Line

Puppy mad half hour biting is normal, natural, and expected. Just like human children, puppies tend to have a lot of energy and act hyper. There are numerous ways to manage puppies during this hour. But yelling should not be one of them. Puppies are tender and energetic beings. We should do research and consider the worst outcomes before deciding to adopt or buy a puppy.

Is it normal for puppies to bite aggressively?

Usually, mouthing or biting owners is normal. It is their behavior, so it’s innate unless the puppy is under socialized and displays it through aggressive behavior around other dogs or people.

Why is my puppy acting crazy all of a sudden?

That might be because the puppy lacks exercise or is suffering from an illness. Anxiety and stress can be two reasons too. Visiting a veterinarian is advised in this case.

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