Mars Coat King vs Furminator: Pick your best choice!

mars coat king vs furminator

The Furminator is a pet grooming tool that is known for reducing shedding and excess hair in pets. Angie Porter, a professional dog groomer, invented it. Her experience will come across this article because of your dire need to save your dog from going bald? And are you puzzled with the title, as a rookie? Assuming that comparison between Mars Coat King and Furminator is possibly a page in a climactic dystopian comic book? You may even have difficulties choosing which side to take from these two. Although the reality of the matter is far from this image, the choice could still be tough! However, if you look through this article, we assure you of your wild imagination. This comparison Is, still between dog products. 

What are the main points between the two?

Mars Coat King vs Furminator compares two comb-like tools used on dogs. But cats are no exempt from their application. Mars Coat King and Furminator are pretty similar in looks and perhaps even actions. But their purposes vary slightly as Mars Coat King is a coat stripping tool, while Furminator is a shedding blade. The Furminator comes in fewer sizes, but it is functional and popular among many pet owners. Daily grooming is not recommended as the hair may weaken because most of the dead hair follicles are lifted during the first or second try if done well. 

Mars Coat King

mars coat king vs furminator

The Coat King range is ideal for hand stripping. In particular, for removing dead undercoat before clipping in the case of terriers. Many experienced groomers and individual dog owners have quickly become fans of the Coat King knives. Coat King works well for a variety of breeds and coat types.

These one-of-a-kind tools quickly strip vast areas! Remove loose hair, particularly thick undercoats, quickly and easily. Detangling and matting is a breeze with this tool. Leaves coats looking safe and ready to show. Strippers of superior quality have angled. Sharpened stainless steel teeth with rounded ends for protection and convenient wooden handles made of ultra-durable, solid tang construction

Does the Mars Coat King cut hair?

The Mars Coat King Stripping Comb, unlike clippers, only removes dead hair from the coat, theoretically cutting grooming time in half or faster. The Coat King is a perfect grooming rake for stripping and grooming. 

How to use Mars Coat King?

Apply light pressure to the tool and comb out the coat in the direction of hair development. Note that going toward or in the opposite direction of hair growth can result in unnecessary hair cutting. Once a week or every other week.

NB: (Excessive use can result in a bald pet!)

Guide to use Mars Coat king

Mars Coat King Medium 10 bladefor coats of heavy, wiry hair
Mars Coat King Fine 12 bladefor a gritty, wiry texture.
Mars Coat King Extra-fine 16 bladefor fine coats or finishing after
the undercoat has been removed
Mars Coat King Extra-fine 20 bladefor finishing after removing the
undercoat or fine coats
Mars Coat King Super-fine 26 bladefor silky, refined coats
Mars Coat King Medium wide 18 bladefor larger breeds with thick, wiry coats
Mars Coat King Fine wide 23 bladefor larger breeds with coarse, wiry coats
Mars Coat King Extra-fine wide 30 bladefor fine coats or to finish larger breeds


mars coat king vs furminator

Dusty shines through in this cutting-edge dog grooming method.

The Furminator will remove up to 90% of a dog’s loose hair. It can compile a tremendous amount of hair in a limited amount of time. It means you won’t need to clean your dog every day to get rid of the dirt. What used to be a regular chore is now only done once or twice a week thanks to this ingenious dog brush.

Combing Requirements

When the shedding season is at its peak in the early spring and late autumn, a pet should be combed a minimum of twice a week. Furminator should be used at the beginning of summer even if the pet is not shedding. Since removing excess undercoat hair will make your pet more relaxed during the hot summer days. Furminator can be used once a month during the other seasons.

How does the Furminator de-shedding tool work?

De-shedding removes the loose dead undercoat from the pet without removing or damaging the topcoat. While brushing detangles and removes topcoat debris. When used as instructed, undercoat de-shedding eliminates the majority of loose hair until it falls on the surface of your house.

Does the Furminator ruin the coat?

The Furminator is a valuable tool, but it seems that you’ll need a lot of practice before using it on those breed coats. It will cut the guard hairs (topcoat) as well as the undercoat, wreaking havoc on the skin.

Does the Furminator reduce shedding?

Shedding is a natural phenomenon that won’t stop. On the other hand, it will significantly reduce using the Furminator de-shedding tool. It eliminates shedding by up to 99 per cent. Leaving your house, vehicle, surface, and clothes free of loose

Mars Coat King vs  Furminator­: Key Differences

Mars Coat KingFurminator
1. The Mars Coat King requires a little experience before shedding.1. Furminator is only used occasionally after a period when the dog’s coat is shedding constantly.
2. The Mars Coat King will bear most canine and feline breeds with different hair types, either short or long.2. Furminator usually means for canines
or cats with long hair that are several inches long and double coating.
A single coating canine shouldn’t be applicable for the Furminator as the metal bristles may scratch the skin.
3. Mars Coat King will strip undercoat from all regions, including the longer ones.3. Furminator will only operate on the back of a dog.
4. Coat kings are available in various sizes, with multiple blades appropriate for medium to long hair.4. Furminator cuts the hair and eliminates
the undercoat more efficiently on short
to medium coats, and it only comes in a few head sizes.
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Mars Coat King vs Furminator is a difficult battle, as both products are masterpieces in their ways and aspects. Regardless, only one can be better than the other, even if their purposes may vary a little. We need to decide on the versatility, effectiveness, durability and potentiality. By the looks and its actions, the German-made product, Mars Coat King, fits the crown better than its rival; the de-shedding tool, Furminator. 

Reasons to choose Mars Coat King?

Why? Because Mars Coat King is not just for long-haired pets like huskies and such. You can apply them to your collie, pug and bulldog as well. They come with a wide variety of head sizes to style your beloved pet with whatever sort of coat it is or whatever breed it may be.

On the other hand, they are swift and efficient, making the whole lengthy process completely effortless yet effective. They can be used at home too. Since they don’t as much mess as furminators do. So, now that you have your pick go over to your pet shop or online shops like Amazon and alternatives to make a life-changing decision conducive to your pet friend’s life-changing progress.



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