APRI Vs AKC | 5 Key Differences You Must Know

apri vs akc

Our dogs are pretty precious to us. They accompany us through this journey of life. But do you know if they are purebred or mixed breed? You probably want to. You probably want a purebred since they are so much easier to breed and so much more predictable. Breeding pureblooded canines are pretty essential to keep a breed from going extinct. It’s even more critical when you want stable and more predictable dogs with qualities that suit your needs.

When you need to get a purebred pup, register them under a registry to preserve their identity. A dog registry will help you out when you need consultation upon buying the right purebred puppy. But which one exactly do you go to? You probably know about American Pet Registry and American Kennel Club, don’t you? Just read our article challenging APRI VS AKC. This article will discuss the characteristics and deviations between the two so you know which is more convenient for you.

What is American Pet Registry (APRI)

American Pet Registry is a newer pet registry that is quite popular, other than a preferable AKC. The organization was facilitated back in 1992 by a team of qualified dog breeders. As their motto, they strive to be the best among all the other purebred dog breeding registries globally. They hope to accomplish this alongside charging a reasonable amount of money for qualitative documentation.

They retain a One-Call program to do thorough research and install breeding information to enhance the health and habits of each registry dog. APRI hosts dog shows just like AKC, but unlike AKC, they assert their shows to be more educational instead of superficial and observant of their outer physical appearance or rendering.

APRI is also similar to other registries by demonstrating information on the pedigree of their canines and other animals. In addition, APRI enlists parents and other ancestors to ensure further clarity and predictability on how their offspring will turn out. They like to present themselves as a cool kid as the APRI is relatively modern compared to AKC, which is still considered the gold standard.

APRI dual registration is flexible, but the processing comes with drawbacks, making it vulnerable to dubiety and wariness. The distrust is understandable since they can’t provide much information about parent breeds. They are less interested in establishing high standards of species. They cannot suffice for much information because they don’t ask for any registration of any pet’s parents. Their concern is the pet, and they create a wholly new pedigree for qualifying dogs.

All APRI requires is that the owner is abridged with the information that the pet is purebred. Papers are not of any requisite, for they can be misplaced. The dogs, to be registered, are judged on how they look in pictures or so on. If they suit the breed’s standard, then the APRI litter registration certificates can be handed over.

What is American Kennel Club (AKC)

American Kennel Club is the first certified pet registry ever while being the most immense as well. And it was founded in America in 1884. It initially was facilitated to provide information to help our dog owners and other pet owners. As of right now, the foundation has blown into the most eminent American dog registry. AKC creates academic kennel records of a registration application of purebred dogs along with the dogs’ pedigrees. Pedigrees refer to a list of a dog’s ancestors, and all are demonstrated as a family tree.

AKC registration only includes pureblooded dogs with similar parents, while the parents are being registered to AKC. Commonly, dogs are registered under AKC right after birth as newborns. Dog owners feel a tinge of pride in having their pets written to this registry since the establishment is quite advertised. In addition, AKC works on educating the general population on breeding, especially why pure breeding is helpful while advising potential breeders.

AKC maintains a good reputation through its strict breeding principles. It makes sure that dogs that register are a hundred percent purebred. At the same time, their parents were also registered under their registry.

AKC maintains a good reputation through its strict breeding principles. It makes sure that dogs that register are a hundred percent purebred. At the same time, their parents were also registered under their registry.

The organization is tied to an affiliated foundation called Canine Health Foundation, which gathers an annual amount of dollars’ worth millions. The foundation collects all this money for researching the cures of many canine and animal problems. Such problems could be hip dysplasia, heart disease, eyesight issues, thyroid diseases, defects, or cancer. The foundation also functions as a Network for Rescue, inspecting a campaign leading 450 rescue teams for each breed specifically.

The AKC also hosts another program dubbed the Reunite Program, where more than 5 million domesticated animals are administered. The program has tattooed or inserted a microchip before returning the dogs to their owners. Their library also consists of 18000 volumes of the dogs’ evidence. They are usually lauded, but one criticism has stuck with them. AKC can be quite conservative as they don’t like considering the artificial or designer breeds, like Cockapoo, as an actual breed.

Comparison between APRI & AKC

1. Founded in 1992.1. The first-ever kennel club was created in 1884.
2. More affordable alternative to AKC.2. Expensive with more options.
3. Dual registration is allowed, that too, without any fee.3. Without AKC registered parent dogs, no dog will be allowed to be registered.
4. APRI shows are less superficial.4. AKC shows are more entertaining.
5. Less transparency, as less information is retained over parentage/lineage.5. Provides full lineage history.
apri vs akc

Frequently Asked Questions

Is America’s Pet Registry Inc legit?

America’s Pet Registry, Inc. is a proper-breeding canine registry devoted to animal welfare, the protection of quality bloodlines, and responsible consumer pet possession privileges. In addition, APRI supports verification dog displays producing events family-friendly, pleasant, and informative.

Can an APRI dog be AKC registered?

Sorry, you can’t. Unfortunately, you can never designate a dog as an AKC purebred until the AKC approves both dog’s parents. However, you could obtain a unique AKC number for hybrid or other breeds to contribute to competitive events.

Which dog registry is best?

AKC. The AKC is currently the most extensive registry in America, one of the world’s few non-profit registries. For certifying a dog with AKC, the parents, both, must be AKC registered.

Does it matter if a dog is AKC registered?

The AKC licenses dogs without doing any fitness or welfare tests. You should be aware by now that the presence of AKC documents or a pedigree does not imply that a dog is of top standard. No matter how loudly a breeder touts AKC licensed puppies with pedigrees in his classified ad, it’s just not a major selling factor.

How Much Does It Cost To Akc Register A Dog?

To register your dog with the AKC ranges, you will need between $30 and $79.99. The standard price of $30 comprises an exclusive registration license. The Silver kit worth $42.99 includes a Reunite bonus, which provides a personalized collar label that will support you to have your pet returned home if he gets lost. The Gold standard ($59.99) provides an entire vet trip and lifetime membership in the Pet Poison Helpline. Platinum level ($79.99) contains all of the above and membership in the GoodDog Teaching Hotline. An AKC Approved Pedigree perfect for packaging.

Can I get my dog AKC registered with a DNA test?

AKC’s DNA analysis is only available for purebred AKC registerable dogs. AKC DNA Evidence is only used to verify lineage and genetic origin and does not replace AKC authentication criteria.

Can you breed an unregistered dog?

A breeder can use one approach to have you not breed your dog is to market an AKC registered puppy. The AKC registered puppy will have a restricted registration rather than a complete registration. So you might still produce the puppy, but you wouldn’t be able to record it.


Having gone through what these registries stand for, we are about to mount headlong into the question, which is better? APRI Vs AKC is what plagues most dog buyers. AKC, or American Kennel Club, is by far the people’s favorite. So we don’t even have to say it. That is our best bet. Because it’s the most dependable and well-reputed registry there is. AKC, for all its strictness, is relatively clean-cut and transparent. APRI still has some way to go to catch up to AKC’s level. It’s the resource of all the purebred intel, after all.

AKC’s services could be arguably more expensive. Nonetheless, they are worth every penny. Their adherence to canine ethics will surely make you feel like your money’s been spent somewhere safer. A pet registry lookup is recommended to get to know more about registries.

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